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The CHILDRENS' FACEFIX TRUST was established in 1995 to fix deformaties in children, one child at a time. Later, we expanded as the Key Kid Foundation. We personally select each child, interview the family, determine options, document progress, take pictures, select the surgeon, and verify the results. We want to be positive each child gets 100% of the amount funded.

Each child receives maximum care before and after surgery. Our goal is to fix at least one child per month. We do not require forms, or education, or waiting on any list. In the past, we have only reviewed children in poor countries from poor families. It appears there are many that need our help.

We have always been self-funded (or have traded our services). In the past, we have been able to match children and treatment, and therefore, did not accept donations. Now, you too can participate. Press [HERE] to help. All management fees and office costs are paid by ourselves.

We all participate for happiness.